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The Job Search Plan

Job search more strategically with our tried-and-tested Job Search Plan!

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Your job search is working when...

You can clearly articulate what you want in your next job

You know exactly what you have to offer employers

You're getting requests from recruiters on LinkedIn

You're getting (and nailing) job interviews

You're getting competitive job offers

...Are you falling short in any of these areas?

Would you drive yourself to a new place without a map?

Would you build a house without a blueprint?

Would you teach a class with out a curriculum?

...Probably not.

So, why would you job search without a strategy?

In order to find a job quickly and effectively, you MUST have a strategy in place (even if you're not currently looking for a job). Otherwise, your search is unstructured, unorganized, and unsuccessful.

If you’re stuck in an endless, unsuccessful job search and you’re ready to pull your hair out in a frustrated rage, it *might* be time to change up your strategy...

"I landed a new job! The daily group sessions worked best for me. I can’t remember exactly how many times something from one of the sessions popped up in a meeting or interview, but it was a lot, and I nailed it each time. My advice to others: Keep your spirits up and keep plugging away."– Greg G.

"This momentum feels great because for the first time it feels I’m in control of what is happening in my job search and good things are happening. This would not have happened without your [program]." – Jörgen J.

"I had my final interview today, and it went great! They want me to start ASAP! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help through this! I look forward to continuing to work with you for many months (maybe even years) to come. Your website has been invaluable." – Emily P.

The Job Search Plan is for people who are...

Want a new job but don't know where to start

Completely overwhelmed with their job search

Having trouble staying motivated while looking for a job

Desperate to find a new opportunity, but not sure how to do it

Don't buy this course if...

You aren't fully committed to changing your situation and finding a job you truly enjoy.

Whether you're a recent grad looking for a full-time job, mid-career professional looking for a change, or a seasoned professional trying to stay relevant, this course can help you. Studies suggest that people will have multiple jobs, even career paths, in one lifetime. If you learn how to job search effectively now, you will find it much easier to get back on your feet and into a new role.

Stop wasting your valuable time. Learn how to job search efficiently.

Our step-by-step plan will help you get clear on your goals, determine your career path, brand yourself effectively, update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, prepare for interviews, and create an effective networking strategy.

This is the ULTIMATE job search blueprint.

In this course, long-time career expert J.T. O'Donnell will guide you through all of the steps you need to job search effectively. You will learn:

  • Who you are as a professional
  • What value you have to offer to employers
  • How to convey that value
  • How to build a targeted job search strategy (so you don't waste time!)
  • How to develop a strong network (even if you're not a "networker")
  • What you need to revamp on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile
  • How to keep moving forward in the job search process

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