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  Module 1: Identify Your Fears

Okay. It’s time to get those career and job search fears out of your head on to paper. Don’t hold back. List everything that’s running through your head and scaring you. What keeps you up at night?

Then, I want you to create a simple mantra. It’s the phrase you’ll repeat to yourself every time one of those career fears presents itself so you can fight back. Remember mine?

“Because I can!”

Milestone 1

  • Create Fears List
  • Create Mantra to Fight the Fears!

Deanne Love
Fear of not making enough money to do fun stuff with my kids and helping others in need
Not feeling confident in interviews
Not feeling confident selling myself
Not working at a place I enjoy
Not feeling motivated enough to make changes
Settling for what I have instead of what I could have
Not having the skills for the job that I am applying for
Not having short and long term goals
Working too many hours and not having time for my kids
Not being a role model for my kids since I have a degree and I'm out of work.
Gayle Hoffman
Fears: My fears are very similar to those listed previously. That I'm too old, my degrees aren't relevant, I've not become a true expert in any specific field or industry, I'm only offered low wage, entry level positions, too many financial problems in the past, I'm saddled with micromanagers, employers place too many limitations, restrictions on me, I don't have much professional support, I don't have much personal or social support, I'm labelled a job hopper even though the majority of the time the position was cut due to grants ending, budgets cut, or internal company problems, but no one takes the time to ask me about the situations. I feel I've been set up to fail numerous times because I've been in situations in which I'm desperate for a job.
My experience isn't valued unless I volunteer then everyone is happy to have me around.
Mantra: That's hard. I've got a lot to offer if someone gives me a break to really make a difference.
My fears:
1. I am too old to get a job I want and get paid what I am worth
2. That I stayed at my last job too long and other companies won't see the value I can bring
3. That I will ultimately get a job but I will fail because it will not be the right job for me.
My Mantra:
Dream, Believe, Achieve!!!
Work It Daily
Good for you for putting these on paper Marci.
Don't let your age hold you back. If you are strategic about your job search (and we will taach you how to do this) - you will be in control and networking and applying to companies that are right for you.
Danay EstevanSoto

1. Fear that is too late to change career
2. Fear to have to prove yourself all over again
3. Fear to start again at the bottom
4. Fear of not being able to fill the 3 year gap properly
5. Fear to have missed acquiring knowledge during the 3 year gap

Deana Karpavage
Great mantra!

Mine is "I have a lot to offer. I can bring value to a job!"
Deana Karpavage
1. My skills are not updated enough
2. I'm too old to change jobs
3. My pay is outpaced with the market
4. I'm not selling my skills well enough.
5. I don't know what jobs to go after without going back to school.
Hi, is this comment space for our own private notes? or to communicate with Work It Daily?
Work It Daily
Hi Kenneth, You can write your thoughts here - but they will be posted.
Fear List
1. What if I'm not able to find a job that at least pays what I was making?
2. What if I can't make this health coaching business work?
3. What if I can't find another job quickly?
4. What if I can't find a job where I can only take 1 bus.

Mantras to Combat These
1. I am capable of finding a job that pay what I was making before or more.
2. I can become a successful health coach by building my business one step at a time.
3. I am using JSAP which will help me find a job that I like.
4. I will be able to find a job where I can take 1 bus.